The law firm of Widdis & White has a combined twenty-two years of legal experience. More importantly, we have more than twenty years of experience practicing family law as a family court master, judicial law clerks, and litigators. 


Family law is about personal issues that require professional advice.  Family law is about people. Every person, every family, and every family situation we see is unique.  These problems are personal to you, and to us. When you come to our office, we will let you share. We will listen and address your individual concerns.   We will then give you our professional advice. 


You can be confident that we’ve seen many cases with aspects similar to yours. You can also be confident that you are hiring a firm that is familiar with the ins and outs of the family court. We will represent you in front of many of the same people that we have worked for, and with, for years prior to opening our own practice. 


Although we can’t promise any particular result in your case, based on our experience, we will be able to provide you with our opinion and strategy regarding the possible outcome of your case.


If you’d like to retain our experience and knowledge for your case, please contact us today. 



Let’s talk. Every case starts with a sit-down conversation with Lance and Nicole. If you are upset, it can be difficult to see your own situation objectively or to plan for the long term.  Let us do that.


After spending an hour discussing your situation, questions, and concerns, we will give you our recommendations about how to proceed, even if you don’t choose to retain our firm. The purpose of our initial consultation is to see if we are able to help you, and if we are a good match going forward. 


We hope that we will not only become your attorneys, but that we will become your friends. Friends that you can trust, friends that you can talk to, and friends you know you can depend on. 


Give us a call to schedule your initial consultation.


Not every case should be litigated, not every case should be mediated, and not every case should be settled. With our experience, we will be able to help you decide which strategy is the best one for your individual situation. 


We are not “married” to any one style or strategy when dealing with your case.  We will find the one that works for you.


Big law firms practice in many different areas of the law. Some large law firms treat their family law division as a training ground for new attorneys. We recommend you retain a law firm whose focus is family law. 


At Widdis & White, we practice exclusively in the area of family law. 


Every case at Widdis & White is handled by our firm’s owners and partners. That means you get our unique experience and personalized attention on your case. 


We have the resources to handle unexpected events in a way that is often difficult or impossible for one attorney. Both of us represent every client. 


Being represented by both of us means that both of us will be familiar with your case, and that either of us can represent you in court, speak with opposing counsel, or negotiation with the other party. We also bring our unique perspectives and different talents to each case. 


Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might feel more comfortable working either with Nicole or with Lance. That’s okay.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident, and that’s why having the two of us is better than having just one of us. 


Families also involve genders, and gendered view-points. Being a man and a woman legal team allows us to provide different perspectives when evaluating, analyzing, and preparing for your case.