Owner & Partner

My areas of experience in private practice include: divorce, custody, paternity, domestic violence, child support, relocation, guardianships (both adult and children), termination of parental rights, prenuptial agreements, and adoptions. I am also familiar with several practice areas which are less common, such as minor name changes, emancipation, registration of out-of-state orders, and minor marriages.

I am a member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar and I have presented several times at the annual Nevada Family Law Conference.

I am a Reno native, and because Nevada has always been my home, serving the people of this community is an especially rewarding part of my work. I attended Reno High School and went on to graduate with high distinction from the University of Nevada Reno, with a dual major in Political Science and Women’s Studies. Prior to attending law school, I worked for years in local law firms, primarily firms specializing in family law.

My approach with my clients is to see the big picture and keep it real (even when doing so results in their spending less money on my fee). I don’t procrastinate, and I strive for work which is both excellent and efficient.

My practice of family law is informed by my own life experiences, just as much as it is informed by my studies and work history. ​My parents went through lengthy divorce litigation when I was young. Being involved in court proceedings and court-ordered family counseling were my first interactions with the legal system. As a result, I relate with the children and families in these cases on a deep, personal level. While I can’t promise specific outcomes, my goal for my clients is to make navigating the legal system much less scary and confusing, and approach each case with compassion, thoughtfulness, and honesty.

Family law brings the lawyer face to face with some of the hardest moments of people’s lives. However, this work touches the most precious parts of people’s lives. To that end, my hope is to approach each case with the right intent, and always strive for work in which I (and the client) can be proud.

I enjoy running, reading and cooking. My passions are fashion and music. My greatest joy is my child. 

I attended law school on full scholarship at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I graduated magna cum laude and have been licensed to practice law in Nevada since 2010. Since becoming an attorney, I have only worked in the area of family law. I have over six years of experience working in the Family Division of the Second Judicial District Court, including several years as a member of the Court’s forms committee.